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Remote and Funky People Deliver IBIRS


Remote Pty Ltd and Funky People Pty Ltd have teamed to deliver the IAP B2B Interface Reference System (IBIRS) to Transport Certification Australia Limited.

Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA) is a public company tasked with the development and implementation of the Intelligent Access Program (the IAP):
"The IAP is a voluntary program which provides heavy vehicles with access, or improved access, to the Australian road network in return for monitoring of compliance with specific access conditions by vehicle telematics solutions."
From the Transport Certification Australia web site.
The IAP specification includes a Business-to-Business (B2B) interface to support the electronic interchange of artefacts including access conditions and non-compliance reports. The IAP B2B interface is premised on contemporary Web Services and PKI technology.

IBIRS was developed primarily to demonstrate the correctness and interoperability of the IAP B2B interface specification, and for use in assessing the compliance of IAP-SP implementations with the specification. However, for software developers IBIRS provides the additional benefits of being a specialised test harness, and a reference implementation (how to) of the specification.

The core components of IBIRS have been developed using Java, including the Apache Axis and Java Web Services Developer Pack Web Services toolkits. However, IBIRS also includes an add-on component developed using the Microsoft .NET framework and the C# programming language.

Remote Pty Ltd was the prime contractor for IBIRS and provided project management and co-ordination. Funky People was sub-contracted by Remote to undertake the software development components of the project. Remote and Funky People personnel have been involved in the development of the IAP specification prior to the IBIRS project.