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HIC Online and Eclipse

ECLIPSE is a Medicare Australia e-Business initiative that connects health sector locations (e.g., medical practices, hospitals, health funds) through a central "hub" (i.e., Medicare Australia) to support electronic claiming and associated business functions.

Please note that our use of the name ECLIPSE here encompasses 'Medicare Australia Online Claiming' (previously known as 'HIC Online', and before that 'Easyclaim').

Over the past few years, many of the Funky People team have worked on or around the ECLIPSE project in senior technical roles. Through this we have gained substantial knowledge and experience:
  1. with the ECLIPSE solution architecture and technology, including the mainstream (e.g., HTTP, XML, PKI) and the esoteric (e.g., HOP3, Logic Packs)
  2. more generally in the development and operation of a large-scale, contemporary Business-to-Business (B2B) capability over a sustained period of time.
It is emphasised that Funky People as an entity does not have (and has not ever had) any formal association with the ECLIPSE project (including Medicare Australia Online Claiming and HIC Online). The ECLIPSE-related content on this site is information that is already in the public domain, or that represents our original work.