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Coach's Mate Screenshots


The Drills screen lists all training drills, and for each the first two lines of the drill's description and the time allowed. Drills are listed in alphabetical order.

New drills can be added to Coach's Mate using the '+' button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Existing drills are removed from Coach's Mate by tapping 'Edit' in the top-left corner of the screen, or (in iOS 7) by swipping a given drill "to the left".

Tap an existing drill to run or edit it.

Drill Results

Upon creating a new drill, or tapping an existing drill, the Drill Results screen is shown. This screen is used to edit the drill (using the 'Setup' button at the top-right of screen), and run the drill (using the play button mid-right of screen).

Existing results for the drill are displayed in the table on this screen. Tapping an existing result allows that run of the drill to be reviewed or modified. Tapping the play button creates a new run, and allows that run to be modified.

Results can be edited using standard iOS practices: by using the 'Edit' button (mid-left of screen), or (in iOS 7) by swipping the result "to the left".

Drill Setup

This screen is used to specify how the drill operates. Note that only limited editing of the drill is possible when existing results exist: this is because it would confuse the app (and maybe the user) if existing results did not tally with the definition of the drill.

To modify the drill's definition enter 'Edit' mode using the button top-right of screen.

Name and Description

Provides a unique name for the drill (e.g., Half-court lay-ups), and a more wordy description to remind the coach and player how the drill operates and any key teaching points.


Every drill must have at least one variation, but can have an infinite number of variations. Each variation has its own target score, thus allowing the drill to be tailored to different age groups, or simply for right hand versus left hand. Note that it's optional to set a target score for any given variation.

The target score for each variation is advisory (or perhaps aspirational) only unless the 'Run Until' setting is set to 'Done': with this setting the drill will complete once the target score is reached, but with the default 'Run Until' setting of 'Time Expires' the drill will keep on running until the clock is exhausted.


The 'Clock' setting is pretty straightforward, allowing the clock to count up or down. Either way, there is always a time limit as set by the 'Time' setting.

The 'Run Until' setting is discussed above (see Variations).

. The 'Attempts' setting allows the Coach to limit how many attempts (essentially shots) can be taken before the drill completes. This would typically be used where the player is counting how many makes they get, for example how many 3 pointers out of 25 shots.


The 'Scoring' settings define how the drill is scored. Each score setting has a name, and an assigned number of points in the range -5 to 5.

Drill Live

This screen is used to actually run the drill.

Before the drill starts, select which variation of the drill is being run by touching the 'Variation' row in the table at the bottom of screen. Additionally, enter the name of the team or player(s) performing the drill.

To start, pause, and resume the drill use the clock button at top-left of screen. This button always displays the full time allocation, with the current time (remaining) being displayed in large writing at centre of screen.

Score the drill using the scoring buttons in the centre of the screen. These are labelled in accordance with the scoring settings for the drill, for example 'Make' and 'Miss' at left. If you accidentally hit the wrong score, the 'Undo' button at top-right of screen removes the last score. Note that if you hit the button twice, it will twice remove the last score, and not remove the last two scores.

The progress bar will display in green if the drill is on target to reach the target score, red if the drill is not on target, and unshaded if no target score is set.

At the conclusion of the drill, enter a comment or note by tapping 'Comment' at bottom of screen.

If you need to restart the drill, hold the 'Reset' button at top-centre of screen for 2 seconds.