Coach's Mate

Coach's Mate allows sports coaches and trainers, teachers and athletes themselves to time, measure and record the performance of teams or players as they complete routine training drills.

There are three easy steps to using Coach's Mate:
  1. Setup the training drill - the app keeps a library of training drills, each of which is configured using the app's flexible settings. For example time on the clock, known variations (e.g., 'Left hand', 'Right hand'), target score, maximum attempts / shots, and how the drill is scored (e.g., a miss is 0 points, and a make is 1 point).
  2. Run the training drill - the app keeps track of both time and score, and shows if the target score will be reached at the current scoring rate. At the conclusion of the drill, enter a brief comment or note (e.g., 'Great effort', 'Could do better').
  3. Review results - results are recorded according to team or player, and drill variation (e.g., 'Left hand', 'Right hand').
If you are already using your iPhone as a stopwatch at training sessions, you should consider using Coach's Mate. Sportios is an app for your Apple iPhone or iPod that displays sports draws, results and ladders.

If you experience any problems using Coach's Mate, or you have an idea for a new feature, please send an email to support @