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On the Box Frequently Asked Questions

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What is On the Box?

On the Box is a 7 day TV Guide for Australian free-to-air television that runs on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch. The On the Box TV Guide can be browsed by time-of-day or by channel, and can be searched to find out when your favourite program is on. By allowing searches to be saved as Bookmarks, On the Box becomes your own personalised TV Guide.

Is there anything important I should know before I buy?

When you buy On the Box it does not come with any TV Guide data feed, but rather works on a "BYO data" basis: On the Box uses TV Guide data provided by IceTV, and requires that you have a paid IceTV subscription. Please note that On the Box does not work with free IceTV accounts (e.g., IceTV iPhone and IceTV widget accounts), but will work with an existing IceTV account used to manage your PVR or Home Theatre PC.

In summary, sign-up to IceTV first, then buy On the Box.

What is the relationship between On the Box and IceTV?

On the Box uses TV Guide data provided by IceTV, Australia's independent free-to-air Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and requires a paid IceTV subscription. However, On the Box was developed independently by Funky People Pty Ltd, and is not an IceTV product. Notwithstanding this, IceTV are certainly aware of On the Box, and have been supportive of us in getting to market.

Why should I buy On the Box when I can use the IceTV iPhone app for free?

On the Box downloads TV Guide data from IceTV and stores it locally on your iPhone or iPod touch. As a result, the app is very responsive when browsing and searching the TV Guide because you are not waiting on a remote server. This zippiness, coupled with a clean and intuitive user interface, makes On the Box a compelling app. Local storage of the TV Guide is also good news for iPod touch owners because the app works just fine without a network connection.

From version 1.2, On the Box includes a special-purpose Twitter client that displays a real-time feed of what people are saying about the selected TV show.

On the flip side, On the Box does not support IceTV's Interactive functionality, and in particular cannot be used to remotely manage recordings on your DVR or Home Theatre PC.

Can I use On the Box on my Apple iPod touch?

On the Box is very well suited to the iPod touch because it stores TV Guide data on the device, and so keeps working when there is no network connection (although you still need to be connected every day or so to download TV Guide data).

Setup and TV Guide

How do I setup On the Box?

Before On the Box can display any TV Guide data, you first need to enter your paid IceTV account details on the Setup tab. Assuming that you have a Wi-Fi or 3G network connection, your TV Guide will start to download within about 10-20 seconds of your account details being entered.

How do I tell why the TV Guide isn't loading?

There are a number of reasons why TV Guide data might not download from IceTV, ranging from no IceTV account having been setup, the IceTV password being wrong, or the IceTV subscription having expired. To diagnose such problems look for an error message on the About tab.

How do I set the TV Guide for my region?

TV Guide region (e.g., ACT, Melbourne, Sydney) is actually a setting on your IceTV account, and cannot be set using On the Box itself. To change your TV Guide region visit the IceTV web site, login and click on My Account. If you do change the TV Guide region for your IceTV account, then it is probably a good idea to reset On the Box using the Reset button on the About tab.

How do I switch between 12 hour and 24 hour time?

On the Box uses the 24 hour clock when your iPhone or iPod touch has 24 hour time enabled, and uses the 12 hour clock (with am and pm) when your iPhone or iPod touch has 24 hour time disabled. To enable or disable 24 hour time use Settings -> General -> Date & Time.


What are the limitations of the On the Box Twitter client?

On the Box provides built-in support for Twitter, but is not a general purpose Twitter client:

How do I compose a Twitter message?

To compose a Twitter message tap the compose button on the left of the Twitter scren. If this button is disabled, it means that you have not setup your Twitter account (see the Setup tab).

How do I reply to a Twitter message?

To reply to a Twitter message, tap the message. If this doesn't work, it means that you have not setup your Twitter account (see the Setup tab).

The Twitter hash tag doesn't look right, can I change it?

For each TV show On the Box generates a "best guess" hash tag from the name of the TV show. However, quite often this hash tag just doesn't look right. To change the hash tag, click in the search box on the Twitter screen (where the hash tag is), and edit the hash tag. The hash tag edit screen is pre-populated with several alternative values generated by On the Box, but you can enter your own tag.

On the Box remembers the last hash tag associated with each TV show.

Browsing the Guide and Programs

Why are some programs shown with a coloured background?

The background colour reflects the rating of the TV show: green for C and G, yellow for PG, orange for M and red for MA. Everything else (including those programs with no rating information) has a white background.

Searching and Bookmarks

Can you please explain how searching works?

The search algorithm used within both the Search tab and the Bookmarks tab includes a number of subtleties: The search algorithm checks the title, sub-title and credits of each program, but does not check the program's description.

Why do some Bookmarks searches end with the @ symbol?

The @ symbol at the start of a search means "starts with", and at the end of a search means "ends with". When you Bookmark a specific program, On the Box automatically appends an @ symbol so that the Bookmark search is more likely to match only that program. For example, if you Bookmark "ABC News" On the Box creates a Bookmark with the search pattern of "ABC News@": by appending the @ symbol the Bookmark avoids matching "ABC News Update", "ABC News Breakfast", "ABC News: Late Edition", etc.