On the Box

On the Box is a 7 day TV Guide for Australian free-to-air television that runs on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch. The On the Box TV Guide can be browsed by time-of-day or by channel, and can be searched to find out when your favourite program is on. By allowing searches to be saved as Bookmarks, On the Box becomes your own personalised TV Guide.

On the Box downloads TV Guide data from IceTV and stores it locally on your iPhone or iPod touch. As a result, the app is very responsive when browsing and searching the TV Guide because you are not waiting on a remote server. This zippiness, coupled with a clean and intuitive user interface, makes On the Box a compelling app. Local storage of the TV Guide is also good news for iPod touch owners because the app works just fine without a network connection.

On the Box uses TV Guide data provided by IceTV, Australia's independent free-to-air Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and requires a paid IceTV subscription.