Sportios is an app for your Apple iPhone or iPod that displays sports draws, results and ladders.

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Get Sportios

Buy Sportios from the App Store: use the link, or search for Sportios in the App Store. Sportios sells for $4.49; the developer receives about $3.14 of this, which almost buys a cup of coffee.

Step 2 - Add Draws

Once Sportios is installed, go the Draws tab, tap the + button, and enter a Draw Code: find a list of test draw codes here.

Please note that these test draws are not official data, and should not be relied upon.

Step 3 - Favourite Teams

You just gotta, gotta, gotta mark your sporting teams as Favourite to get the most out of Sportios: the My Schedule tab shows recent past and future games for your favourite teams.

Go to the Teams tab, tap in the Search box, and start typing the name of your team. Tap on your team once you can see it, and then tap the "star" button in the top right corner.

Fine Print

Sportios is developed and supported on a part-time basis, and is also very new. So, sometimes things aren't quite how they should be, for instance: If you experience any problems using Sportios, or you have an idea for a new feature, please send an email to support @