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Touch & Go FAQ for Transport Operators

Touch & Go Timetables:

Touch & Go Timetables

What is a public timetable?

A pubic timetable appears on the Touch & Go Setup screen automatically and irrespective of whether or not the timetable is actually installed. This occurs because the timetable is included in a master list of public timetables that Touch & Go downloads from the Funky People web site every 24 hours or so. Advantages of public timetables: Please note that public timetables are downloaded from the transport operator's web site: it is only the "list of public timetables" that is downloaded from Funky People's web site. Funky People do charge a nominal fee for listing public timetables.

What is a private timetable?

A private timetable contains the same data as a public timetable, but can only be downloaded to Touch & Go by entering its URL (i.e., only by people who know where it is). A typical scenario where a private timetable might be used is within a large company or government department that operates a corporate shuttle: the shuttle's timetable is placed on the corporate Intranet, and then an email or bulletin tells Touch & Go users the URL for downloading it.

Funky People typically has no involvement in (or visibility of) the creation and publication of private Touch & Go timetables.