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Touch & Go FAQ for Users

Buying and installing Touch & Go: Setup:

Buying and Installing Touch & Go

When should I buy Touch & Go?

When you purchase Touch & Go it does not include any actual timetable data. Rather, each timetable has to be published especially for Touch & Go before Touch & Go can display it. So, wait until somebody tells you a timetable you're interested in is available for Touch & Go, and then make your purchase from the App Store.

As a note for those with technical prowess, you are able to create your own private timetables for use within Touch & Go. For example, if your employer runs a corporate shuttle you can create a Touch & Go timetable for that service and share it with your colleagues.

Does Touch & Go work on the iPod Touch?

Touch & Go does work on the iPod Touch. In fact, Touch & Go is ideally suited to the iPod Touch because it downloads timetable data up front when you are connected to the Internet, and so can display that data when you're out-and-about and not connected to the Internet.

The one feature of Touch & Go that doesn't work as well on an iPod Touch is the Nearby screen: because the iPod Touch does not have GPS, it cannot determine where you are unless it has a Wi-Fi connection (and even then can struggle).


How do I configure Touch & Go?

Touch & Go is configured through the iPhone's Settings app, not within Touch & Go itself. Supported settings are: Remember that an iPod Touch can only determine your location when connected to a Wi-Fi network, and even then is not guaranteed of success.

How do I switch Touch & Go between 12 hour and 24 hour time?

Touch & Go tracks the iPhone's setting for whether to use 12 hour or 24 hour time. This setting appears within the Settings app, under the General heading, and then under Date & Time.

How does Touch & Go find private timetables?

Private timetables are those not made available to all Touch & Go users, for example for corporate shuttles, or where technically-savvy individuals have privately encoded their own bus routes. Private timetables are downloaded to Touch & Go using the "+" (plus) button at the top rght of the Setup screen, and then entering the URL of the private timetable. When Touch & Go uses the URL that you have entered: For example, if you enter a URL of verybigcompany.com/shuttle, Touch & Go will expand this to http://verybigcompany.com/shuttle/touchandgo.csv.