Touch & Go

Touch & Go is a public transport timetable application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets the user download and then browse timetables in a manner that is location-aware (here) and time-aware (now).

Touch & Go differs from other timetable apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch in two respects. Firstly, Touch & Go is not tied to any specific transport operator. In fact, anybody can create their own timetable for Touch & Go. Secondly, timetables are downloaded in full to the iPhone or iPod Touch. As such, Touch & Go still works when there is no Internet connection (great news for iPod Touch owners), and it doesn't require any heavy-duty or expensive server-side infrastructure.

Public Transport Users

Listen out for an announcement from your bus, tram or train operator saying their timetable is available for Touch & Go, or look for this logo on their web site. Then install Touch & Go from the App Store, download your timetable, and you're in business.

Small-Medium Transport Operators

Touch & Go lets you publish your timetable to the exciting iPhone and iPod Touch platform with a very low cost-of-entry. How does it work? You encode your timetable in Microsoft Excel, and then run our conversion utility to generate a CSV file which you upload to your web site. If coding your timetable in Microsoft Excel doesn't work for you, we have an XML solution too.

Large Corporations / Government Departments with Corporate Shuttles

Make your corporate shuttle timetable available to your employees using Touch & Go. Don't want the general public to have access to your timetable? Not a problem, Touch & Go supports private timetables too.